LiveEx TV

Total Sports Immersion

Final Thesis Proposal
Morten Hauge
Academy of Art University
Graduate School of
Web Design and New Media
Fall 2012

Elevator Pitch

LiveEx TV is a prototype for a Samsung Smart TV application for experiencing live sports. It includes live updated stats, highlights from other ongoing competitions, a video archive and a news section. The user can leave the remote control on the table, because the application will be navigated with hand gestures.


Prototype for the main menu interaction.
Instructions: Swipe left and right to choose menu item, swipe down to go into a subsection, and perform a push to go back.

Required: A Kinect hooked up to your computer and the Zigfu plugin installed.
Minimum screen resolution: 1280x800.
For best performance use Google Chrome Canary in full screen.


Written Summary

Documentation of the strategic process, design process, UX process, technical process and analysis and conclusion.

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Keynote Presentation

The slides from my presentation for the Final Review Committee December 4th 2012.

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